Traveling With Your Pet

Summer time is here at last! Many of us will be taking time off work for family vacations. Naturally, most of us will want to include our furry family members in vacation plans.

Start the trip off right by making sure your pet has all the necessary vaccines and certificates, heartworm and flea prevention, and any prescribed medications. An identification collar with your pet’s name, address and phone number is a necessity.

If you are taking your pet on a road trip, a pet carrier or safety harness will keep them safe in the event of sudden stops or changes in directions. Never leave your pets in a parked vehicle, even with the windows open as they can overheat in minutes, causing heatstroke or death. Bring along your pet’s regular food to prevent tummy upset. Medications are available at your veterinarian’s office if your pet experiences car-sickness.

Pets traveling by air are normally placed in the baggage compartment, although some airlines allow pets in the cabin as long as they are small enough to fit under the seat. Booking direct flights at non-peak hours will help to minimize your pet’s time on the plane. Properly sized, clearly marked carriers are important to keep your pet comfortable. Sedatives are available however, they should be used with caution, since they can interfere with your pet’s ability to regulate internal temperature and can affect blood pressure in some circumstances.

Enjoy the summer and have a safe and happy vacation!

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