Pet Insurance

While over 70% of households in North America have one or more pets, the majority of these pets are not covered by an insurance policy. Insurance can be a valuable tool to assist owners with the costs associated with pet care, especially in the event of an accident or illness.

There are a number of different types of insurance coverage. Some policies cover routine healthcare such as annual examinations, routine wellness blood work and vaccinations. Illness coverage reimburses for costs associated with diagnosis and treatment of a medical disorder, and accident or injury coverage is designed to cover the costs associated with injuries such as fractured bones or wounds.

As veterinary medicine evolves and treatments become more sophisticated, the cost of pursuing the ideal treatment for a major illness can escalate significantly. Appropriate insurance coverage allows both your veterinarian and your family to focus on the best course of action for your pet while reducing the financial impact associated with advanced medical care.

When choosing an insurance company and the proper coverage, ask your veterinarian for recommendations. Depending on age, breed and gender, pets may be more predisposed to certain medical disorders and this may influence what type of coverage is ideal for your family. Pet insurance is all about peace of mind, and with the rapid advancements in veterinary medicine it is a valuable tool to protect the head of the household – your pet, of course!

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