Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal, but easily preventable, parasitic disease of dogs and occasionally cats.

Heartworm is transmitted by infected mosquitos when they bite a dog, thereby depositing the heartworm larvae directly onto the dog’s skin. Adult heartworms can live for 5 to 7 years in a dog. The presence of the worms cause inflammation and damage to the blood vessels of the lungs, as well as increase the risk of blood clots.

The heartworm test used at our hospitals involves a blood test, the results of which are received in approximately 24 hours. If the test is negative, you will not be contacted and may go ahead and administer heartworm preventive to your dog as directed.

There are many safe and effective heartworm preventives available. To be effective they must be administered once a month during heartworm season – June 1st through to November 1st. This is the period of time when mosquitoes capable of transmitting heartworm are active. The preventives work by killing heartworm larvae before they mature into adult heartworms.

We have a number of heartworm preventive options available at our clinics. Call today to book a heartworm screening for your dog.

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