Fleas and Ticks

After a long and harsh winter, it finally looks as though spring has arrived. Good for us – not so good for our furry companions.

Warmer weather brings pesky fleas and dangerous ticks, more prevalent in the warmer months because they are able to complete their life cycles faster.

Fleas and ticks are disease carriers. Fleas can transmit tapeworms and cause itchy allergic reactions, which can lead to scratching, hair loss and infection. Ticks can carry the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, a serious condition characterized by lameness, swollen joints and fever.

It’s a good idea to groom your pet often and to keep long-haired coats trimmed down during the summer to help with early detection. And while some shampoos and collars are effective at eliminating the infestation, you may end up having to try more than one option to ensure complete elimination. Just be careful when trying out a new method – some pets can have reactions to the ingredients.

However, preventing an infestation will save your pet, your family and your home from a protracted discomfort, and expense. New medications prevent infestations before they start by killing the adult insects or by keeping their eggs from hatching.

If you have questions about what method might be right for you and your pet, call a clinic near you today!

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