Adopting a Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is a very exciting experience, but since this will be a long-term commitment it is important to start off right.

It has become quite popular to purchase puppies through Internet advertising forums. When purchasing your new furry family member in this manner, ask some critical questions before you even go to visit the puppies. It can be difficult to avoid making an emotional decision while surrounded by adorable bundles of joy. A good breeder will want you to visit the puppies and their mom. The father may not be on the premises, but the breeder should have pictures and health information available. Breed-specific health testing should have been performed prior to the breeding, and the clearances should be available for you to view. The puppies should ideally be home raised and handled daily as early socialization is critical to proper development. Red flags are not being allowed to see the mother or area in which the pups are housed; multiple litters of different breeds on the premises; unsanitary conditions; fearful or anti-social pups or parents. Furthermore, a responsible breeder will also want to ask you questions to ensure their pup is going to a good home. Most good breeders will also agree to take a puppy back should things not work out.

Responsible breeders do not sell their puppies to pet stores or dog brokers. In fact, many of the best breeders do not even advertise as there is a waiting list for their sought-after puppies. Many puppies sold on the Internet and in pet stores come from mass puppy producers, but claim that they are home-raised. Although it is tempting to rescue the innocent puppy with pleading eyes, making that purchase further perpetuates the cruel puppy mill industry.

Remember to consider your local humane society, animal shelter, or rescue group as there are many wonderful puppies and older dogs waiting for their forever homes. Breed rescues in particular will be quite familiar with their wards and can help fix you up with your perfect match.

We love talking about and working with puppies, so if you have any questions about selecting your new family member please give us a call.

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