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Nose-to-Tail Annual Exams for Your Pet’s Health

A yearly physical exam is critical for maintaining your pet’s health. Older pets may benefit from more frequent examination. Cats and dogs age at a faster rate than humans, and they are unable to tell us in words when they are not feeling well. A nose-to-tail physical exam helps to identify potential health concerns early when they are most amenable to treatment.

At your Veterinary Hospitals appointment, our caring staff weighs your pet and assigns a body condition score. If your pet has weight issues, we will discuss how to help your pet reach its ideal weight. Next we obtain a history to help us identify areas of concern: changes in appetite or thirst; changes in urination or bowel movements; changes in behaviour or mobility; coughing, sneezing and other problems.

The veterinarian examines your pet’s eyes, ears and oral cavity, as well as listening to your pet’s heart and lungs with a stethoscope. A thorough exam continues with:

  • Abdominal palpation to check for areas of pain or organ enlargement

  • Skin & coat examination for abnormalities, lumps & parasites

  • Checking joints for swelling, pain, or decreased mobility

  • Examination of reproductive organs for pets not spayed or neutered

  • Taking your pet’s temperature

  • A diagnostic & treatment plan for any identified problems

dog medical exam

If your pet’s physical exam finds no major abnormalities, the veterinarian discusses the appropriate vaccines for your pet’s age and lifestyle. We also offer nutritional counselling and carry a full range of healthful dietary pet food and treats.

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