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Don’t Lose Your Dog or Cat Forever – Microchip

Sadly, many lost pets end up in shelters and are not reunited with their owners simply due to a lack of identification. You don’t have to experience the hopeless heartbreak of a missing pet with one simple solution at Veterinary Hospitals—microchipping. With a microchip your pet has permanent identification that any vet or animal control centre can read with a handheld scanner. 

Burlington bylaw already requires that all cats receive microchip identification. Then why not microchip your dog too for the same protection if they wander away from home? An easy and relatively inexpensive process, a microchip is a tiny chip – the size of a grain of rice – that is inserted under the skin with a hypodermic needle. Once done, you have a permanent means of identification that links your pet’s unique microchip number to your contact information.

Our Experience with Microchipping

2016 is a year to encourage microchipping. I would like to share this story with you. Mary Kate is one of our treasured resident pets. Askey Animal Hospital had just started an extensive renovation and as the workers were loading and unloading materials, Mary Kate decided to venture into the section being renovated. So when the fellows went for lunch, Mary Kate thought she should go along. You can understand our concern as we are located at Fairview and Walker Line. We were unable to locate Mary Kate that day and as time when on we were concerned Mary Kate may not find her way home.

Time passed and through the kindness of a gentleman feeding Mary Kate and earning her trust, he was able to retrieve her. That day, Mary Kate’s microchip gave the gentleman the information to return her to us.

Thanks to a MICROCHIP and a KIND MAN, Mary Kate was found and safely returned home to Askey Animal Hospital.

Big thanks to all the caring people who help pets find their way home.

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