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Safe, Monitored Anesthesia & Pain Management

To increase the safety of anesthesia for all pets with non-elective surgery, Veterinary Hospitals performs pre-anesthetic blood testing. Pre-anesthetic blood testing is available as an option for healthy, young pets undergoing elective surgery. Dogs and cats undergoing general anesthesia will have an intravenous catheter placed, and receive intravenous fluids. This helps to maintain blood pressure and allows quick access to a vein in order to administer medications should an emergency arise. Your pet will be monitored by a veterinary technician or assistant. We also have an electronic multi-parameter monitor that measures:

  • Blood pressure

  • Heart function & rate

  • Respiration

  • Oxygen levels

  • Core temperature

Research has shown that pain management is critical not only for the comfort of your pet, but also results in more rapid and complete recovery. Therefore, we provide multi-modal pain management before, during and after surgery to keep your pet as pain-free as possible.

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