Askey Animal Hospital Only 24 Hour Emergency Hospital in Town

Veterinary Hospitals: Full Range of Vet Services in 6 Locations

Find veterinary services for all of your pet’s needs at one of the 6 Veterinary Hospitals serving Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and surrounding areas. For your convenience and your pet’s good health, our hospitals and clinics offer complete veterinary services. New patients are welcome at all of our locations:

  • Askey Animal Hospital (24-hour, 365 days)
  • Brant Animal Clinic
  • Speers Road Animal Hospital
  • Aldershot/Plains Rd. Animal Hospital
  • Orchard Animal Hospital
  • Waterdown/Carlisle Animal Hospital

Over 25 Years of Veterinary Care

With 25 years of veterinary experience, Dr. Gesa Kohn-Gould and staff are dedicated to your pet’s health and comfort. From your cat’s first shots to end-of-life care, every member of the staff acts with compassion, caring and empathy for our animal clients and their human family.

Bring Us Your Small Animals & Exotic Pets

Each Veterinary Hospitals location works with all types of small animals from the largest dog to the smallest gerbil. We also offer medical and preventive care for exotics from parrots to tarantulas. We are prepared for your animal companion’s health needs. Our veterinary services include:

  • Physical exams & vaccinations
  • Soft tissue, dental & orthopedic surgery
  • On-site laboratory services & radiography
  • Internal medicine & referral services

Nutritional Consultations & Pet Foods

Worried that your cat isn’t as agile and sleek as he used to be? Is your dog begging for cookies? Veterinary Hospitals offers nutritional consulting. Our clinics offer targeted life-staged diets for both dogs and cats. Whether your pet needs nutritional support for specific medical conditions or health maintenance, our doctors and staff will provide a diet plan to meet your needs. Our diets are Hill’s Prescription and Medi Cal Royal Canin Prescription diets. We believe these diets to be high quality nutrition for your pet.

Thanks to Dr. Gesa Kohn-Gould (Owner) and Dr. Cherrie Rafuse (at our Aldershot location), we can advise owners of pocket mammals and birds about the best nutrition for their pets.

24-Hour, 365-Day Emergency Care

Your older cat has an acute asthma attack. Your dog is struck by a car. The staff of Veterinary Hospitals responds to your pet’s medical emergencies with 24-hour care at our Askey Animal Hospital – staffed 365 days a year. Reduce your ill pet’s stress; please call to request house call services too.

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Our Pledge for Compassionate Care
As you may be aware, a veterinarian has recently had his license temporarily suspended due to cruelty to the animals in his care. The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) suspended him for 10 months and have since reduced it to 6 as he has agreed to take a course.

In light of this unfortunate event, we at assure you that this is an isolated case. People become veterinarians because of their love and compassion for animals, small and large alike. Veterinarians across Ontario are passionate about providing stellar care for your animals and, more often than not, become close to the animals in their care. We as a profession do not condone the abhorrent actions of the veterinarian in question, who is, thankfully, an anomaly.

Furthermore, Veterinary Hospitals, along with staff members, are not satisfied with the punishment levied by the CVO. We contacted the CVO and made our feelings clear that a 10 month suspension is not sufficient to ensure animals in this veterinarian’s care will be free from harm. Be reassured that, as veterinarians, we take our job of caring for animals very seriously, as we know you do as well. Your pet’s health and well-being are not only our main goal. We strive to ensure your pet’s social, emotional and environmental needs are met both in our hospitals and at home.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, our valued clients, for trusting us with your pets’ care and will continue to work hard to provide your pets with superior care. Your pets are your family and we love to see them live a happy and healthy life with their loving families!